Obtigo data fusion solution

Data Fusion for Web Intelligence

OBTIGO™ is a highly powerful tool enabling organizations and governments to consolidate, cleanse, and fuse disparate data into a single operating entity that leverages shared analytical and business intelligence environments.


OBTIGO™ is a high-performance, big data analytics platform, organizations can monitor or resolve advanced threats, attacks, and suspicious activities in real time. Our technology offers an unparalleled opportunity to fuse, enhance, and transform big data into valuable and coherent intelligence.


OBTIGO™ fusion uses self-discovery and machine learning to gain deeper insight, and reveal relationships in massive data volumes to multiply data and knowledge. Fuse your existing sensors and sources to innovative web and social media analytics.

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Adaptive Solution


OBTIGO™ seamlessly connect to all your data repositories providing immediate value from cross-system data fusion. With auto data mapping and self-data-discovery, connecting a new source is a simple task – not a multi-month expert project. Furthermore, the OBTIGO™ Adaptive Data Model (ADM) can fit into your organization’s “modus operandi” shortening the traditional learning curve of a new system from months to days.

Hybrid Index


The OBTIGO™ engine is built on a hybrid index – best suitable for handling both structured and unstructured data efficiently and effectively, with minimum data duplication and without overloading the source systems.

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Data Fusion Sense-making


OBTIGO™ combines Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a semantic engine for big data sense-making. By correlating extracted Entities, Topics and Relations with data patterns and major events, OBTIGO™ provides much greater insight into risks and investigation with actionable recommendation.

Customizable Dashboards


OBTIGO™ comes with a comprehensive set of dashboards, administrator and user reports that can be easily modified, customized and extended to provide the highest productivity and user experience.

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There is no ‘catching up’ with intelligence.

Data Fusion

With full-spectrum access to critical resources, OBTIGO™ creates a full intelligence picture from many different pieces. Empower analysts with the data they need.

awareness and rapid alerts

Always Alert, Always Ready

Analysts and operators facing complex, large scenarios can focus on what counts with OBTIGO™’s real-time situation awareness and rapid alerts.

Intelligence Edge

The Intelligence Edge

OBTIGO™ fully integrates with HIWIRE™ WEBINT tools, diving deep into data to empower organizations with continuously enriched awareness and accelerated intelligence.

Speed and Savings

Speed and Savings

OBTIGO™ ’s small data footprint ensures critical resources are focused on collection, not collation. The highly efficient inverted index sidesteps database duplication and dramatically lowers overhead.

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