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Automated HUMINT Management


HIWIRE™ Kindergarten grows and maintains thousands of entities, ensuring they’re ready for future missions.
These social entities will create full, realistic virtual footprints, including likes, shares, original content posts, and group interaction.

Enhance virtual HUMINT with fully matured social entities.

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Control Growth

HIWIRE™ Kindergarten grows entities according to mission needs. Quickly create thousands of likeminded supporters, or tend to a convincing influencer, increasing their reach.

Intuitive Management

Intuitive Management

HIWIRE™ Kindergarten draws on years of real world entity management, utilizing a streamlined interface offering total customization of entity attributes, including growth speed, social presence, and cover stories.

Enhance Virtual HUMINT

Enhance Virtual HUMINT™

HIWIRE™ Kindergarten can grow and maintain thousands of entities, presenting endless possibilities for convincing virtual social entities HUMINT operations. Use these fully matured entities to create an ‘organic’ base for a new Facebook group, start a trending topic, or shape the response to a post.

summary reports

Report Back

HIWIRE™ Kindergarten provides managers with detailed summary reports, including group and granular analysis of entities. Alerts keep team leads updated to entity activities, enabling swift human intervention as needed.

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